VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap

VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap

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One piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel allows the bait to move freely above the dropper arm with a natural flowing and undulating action.

Insert your favorite weight and/or bead combinations onto the shaft then bend the end of the shaft with a pair of narrow nose pliers to hold in place.

  • Heavy-duty wide gap forged hook for maximum strength.
  • Stainless steel 2.5" dropper arm for customized rigging.
  • 3° offset point for increased hooking rate.

Model Hook Size Pack
THDWG#2/0BNPP 2/0 2
THDWG#3/0BNPP 3/0 2
THDWG#4/0BNPP 4/0 2
THDWG#5/0BNPP 5/0 2
THDWG#2/0BNVP 2/0 10
THDWG#3/0BNVP 3/0 10
THDWG#4/0BNVP 4/0 10
THDWG#5/0BNVP 5/0 10