Tsunami Pro Rolling Swivels

Tsunami Pro Rolling Swivels

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The critical link in your tackle set up is certainly swivels and snaps. They're small but very important to the success of every presentation or hookup. These Tsunami Pro Barrel swivels are premium quality 100% stainless steel. Each swivel is made with precision to gain the greatest strength and reliability from the first use or for a whole season of use. Stainless steel alloy that is corrosion proof is shaped and formed to made this broad selection of swivels.


Model Size Test  Quantity
T-SSRS-12-30 12 88# 30 per pack
T-SSRS-10-36 10 99# 36 per pack
T-SSRS-8-36 8 143# 36 per pack
T-SSRS-6-30 6 176# 30 per pack
T-SSRS-4-30 4 220# 30 per pack
T-SSRS-2-25 2 308# 25 per pack
T-SSRS-1-25 1 407# 25 per pack