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Plano Edge 3700 Jig/Bladed Jig Box

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 Try the Plano EDGE 3700 Jig/Bladed Jig Box that revolutionizes jig storage to make you more organized and more efficient on the water. Equipped with  storage arms, the Plano EDGE 3700 Jig/Bladed Jig Box locks your jigs into place and keeps them organized so you can see them. It also features Rustrictor rust preventative technology molded into the base and a Dri-Loc watertight seal that keeps your hooks sharper and your tackle in pristine condition. 

To take things a step further, the Plano EDGE3700r Jig/Bladed Jig Box features a crystal clear lid design for quick identification of contents and an oversized latch that allows for easy one-handed open operation. Complete with heavy-duty steel pin hinges for enhanced durability, the Plano EDGE 3700 Jig/Bladed Jig Box will become the only box you ever use to storing jigs ever again.

14" x 9" x 1.88"

-Rustrictor rust preventative molded into the base
-Dri-Loc watertight seal
-Crystal clear lid to quickly identify contents
-Oversized latch for easy one-handed open
-Innovative labeling system
-Super durable ribbed base and lid
-Heavy-duty steel pin hinges
-Specially designed to stack multiple units
-Holds up to 70 bass jigs or bladed spin jigs