Ionic 36V 10A Charger

Ionic 36V 10A Charger

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Looking for a 36 volt battery charger for a golf cart or other application? Good ones can be hard to find. Luckily, you’ve landed in the right place. Our 36V charger is suitable for golf cart batteries, or any deep cycle 36V battery like our Ionic Lithium 36V50Ah battery.

Our 36V charger goes beyond just “suitable”. We’ve equipped it with the latest technology to create a smart charger that will exceed your expectations. Get ready to enjoy fast, safe charging, plus unbeatable protection for your battery.

Charging your golf cart or other application will be a breeze when you pair this smart 36V charger with Ionic lithium batteries. You’ll get the fastest charge possible for any battery (lithium charges five times faster than lead acid). Perfect for impromptu trips to the golf course!

Benefits of the Lithium 36V Charger

  • Charges 36V individual batteries or batteries in parallel
  • Excellent 36 volt battery charger for golf cart
  • See the charge status in real time on your smartphone, via Bluetooth
  • Current, constant voltage (CCCV) maximizes the life of your 36V battery.
  • Optimized for LiFePO4 batteries for the fastest charge possible.
  • Smart charging means no overcharging, no monitoring, no worries!
  • Portable and lightweight. At 9.1 lbs, it won’t weigh down your golf cart.
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Comes with LithiumHub’s 30 Day Return Policy and free shipping
  • Current, constant voltage (CCCV) maximizes the life of your lithium battery.
  • May also be used with lead acid and AGM batteries.

36V Charger Bluetooth Capabilities