Hardcore Fish and Game Ultimate Resistance Fishing Shirt

Hardcore Fish and Game Ultimate Resistance Fishing Shirt

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  • There’s no angling adventure like the next one. And having the right gear by your side can make all the difference, especially when it means staying out on the water for longer. You need protection, comfort and resistance while enjoying the great outdoors, and we’ve got all of the above and more. 

    Our Ultimate Resistance shirt uses unparalleled technology to ensure the softest, most durable high performance shirt you’ll find. Unmatched and uniquely designed, this shirt can handle years and years of adventure with ease. It’s made from a special blend built to repel and shed water like a duck’s back (literally, try it out), and resist stains without sacrificing comfort. Even a lifetime of fighting and landing the most aggressive gamefish is no match. 

    And our favorite part? This piece of gear is built for the long haul. Our dye-sublimation technology keeps your new favorite fishing shirt performing at the top of the pack. The colors never mute, the logo refuses to peel, and the overall quality stubbornly sticks with you, no matter how Hardcore your adventures are!

    Favorite Features:

    • Ultra-breathable & moisture-wicking
    • Silky smooth & comfortable
    • Logo doesn’t peel, fade or trap heat 
    • 100% Water-repelling
    • UPF 50+ to protect your skin 
    • Fitted Sleeves
    • Stain resistant
    • Anti-shrink technology
    • Anti-pilling

    The Build:

    • Material: Polyester Dry-Fit
    • Design: Crew Neck, Long Sleeved
    • Sizing: Available in Youth Small, Youth Medium, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

    Your next adventure awaits, and this Ultimate Resistance shirt is the perfect companion.