Bubba Smart Fish Scale

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Designed with a self-adjusting LCD screen and Bubba’s iconic non-slip grip, the Bubba Smart Fish Scale features a completely waterproof design to ensure it never fails even on the toughest days on the water. Built with 60 lbs of capacity and best-in-class accuracy of +/- 0.3 %, the Bubba Smart Fish Scale is perfect for bass tournaments or fun fishing with two different weigh modes that offer their own unique features and capabilities.

Tournament mode provides livewell management for up to eight fish with smart culling and auto bag weight data, while Rally mode is geared for solo fishing with the ability to store up to 99 fish and your total bag weight. Powered by alkaline AA Batteries and ready to provide an accurate reading of your next personal best, the Bubba Smart Fish Scale includes a  secure lip gripper that attaches easily to the lip of a fish.

- Self-Adjusting LCD Screen
- Waterproof Design
- 60lbs Weight Capacity
- Iconic Bubba Non-Slip Grip
- Tournament and Rally Weigh Modes
- Lip Clip, and Gill Hook included
- AA Batteries not included